Cognionics core technologies span all of the components necessary to build portable, wearable and reliable biopotential monitoring systems. Our proprietary technologies include a new class of high input impedance active electrodes, low-noise amplifiers, sensor materials and form-factors.

Our new sensor systems solve many of the practical issues associated with building the best dry electrodes including noise, comfort, application time, reliability, cost and manufacturing. This technology is optimized to achieve the level of performance necessary to sense high quality electrocardiograms (ECG), electroencephalograms (EEG) and other body surface electrical activity without the need for gels or even direct skin contact.

Our technologies and expertise enable:

  1. Extended Holter ECG monitoring (48 hr – 30 days) with extremely comfortable, low-maintenance, high-reliability dry electrodes
  2. Motion artifact tolerant dry ECG electrodes for stress and fitness monitoring, both medical and recreational
  3. Comfortable and wearable EEG devices tolerant of moderate subject movement for neurology and research (including Brain Computer Interfaces)
  4. High-density, wireless and research EEG systems (32-channels and up) without the time-consuming need for gels and scalp preparation
  5. Precision measurements of electric fields and potentials through very high source impedance (microelectrodes, free space)